Why is PES uniquely positioned to help your business succeed? Guaranteed ROI. Niche market focus. Longevity.


Guaranteed ROI

Other network spend management providers market their services around ROI or submit thick proposals that promise glowing financial results. At Profit Enhancement Services, we put a stake in the ground and make ROI achievement part of your contract. The risk is eliminated and your business can measure the economic value of our telecom expense management services in a complete and transparent way.

Niche Market Focus

PES serves the mid-market segment of the enterprise network expense management space dealing with clients who incur 3-$20M of annual telecom spend. This approach has allowed us to develop a domain expertise with the billing platforms, carrier contracts, business intelligence needs, and the financial goals of this market. Clients enjoy superior results from this operational consistency and our ability to craft boutique solution scopes.

PES’ technology alliances with Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant” vendors such as Tangoe and SAP allow our mid-market clients to enjoy the most robust service delivery platform in the industry.


Profit Enhancement Services is the ONLY network expense management services company that has been in business for more than twenty years. Our proven ability to provide client value over the long term gives our clients peace of mind that they made the right choice. We have extraordinary client references and an unmatched client retention rate. Independent analysts agree that our proven track record is unheard of in this industry.