The Industry’s Most Sought-After Network Spend Management Leaders, Consultants, and Analysts

Gregory DeMayo, President

As president of Profit Enhancement Services, Mr. Gregory DeMayo sets the overall strategy for the firm, and focuses tactically on business development and overall operations management. Since joining Profit Enhancement Services in 1996, Mr. DeMayo has seamlessly and strategically led the company’s transformation from audit-based function, into one of the industry’s first business process outsourcing models for telecommunications expense management. Prior, Mr. DeMayo’s multi-faceted career spanned positions in accounting, purchasing, finance, auditing, and sales for a Fortune 50 company. Mr. DeMayo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and investments, with a concentration in economics, from Babson College.

Brad Venuti, Senior Vice President – Client Operations

Mr. Brad Venuti is Senior Vice President, Client Operations for Profit Enhancement Services. In this role, he is responsible for managing client service operations for solution implementations, recurring outsourced services, and special, one-time projects. Prior to joining PES in 2003, Mr. Venuti’s diverse work background includes creating customized IT solutions for business units within IBM. Earlier, Mr. Venuti was project manager for Power Plan specializing in optimizing tax management for utilities, where he successfully integrated an enterprise software application with client accounting policies and business rules. Mr. Venuti holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and operations from The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Frank DeMayo, Vice President- Professional Services

Mr. Frank DeMayo leads Profit Enhancement Services’ professional services group whose focus is contingency-based audit and optimization projects. Additionally, Mr. DeMayo plays an instrumental role in the firm’s sourcing projects. Mr. DeMayo’s career spans five decades and includes positions as purchasing agent, treasurer, and chief executive officer of a global software and systems integration company serving the communications industry.

Kenneth Scourtas,  Director of Mobility Services & Service Delivery Operations

Mr. Ken Scourtas is Director, Mobility Services program/Service Delivery Operations for Profit Enhancement Services.  His responsibilities include a complete ownership of Mobility Services vertical, and a focus on achieving the PES Service delivery objectives. The PES Mobility program can be divided into the seven main function areas: Managing Mobility Optimization activities, Inventory management, Mobile Device Management(MDM), Procurement, Mobility Help Desk, Corporate Equipment Recycling/buy-back, and Wireless IT Policy creation.

Since beginning at PES in 2009, Mr. Scourtas has focused on providing process-driven management, 360 program creation, and has transformed the PES mobility program into an industry first mover, specifically differentiating PES as a leader in providing B2B Mobility services.  Mr. Scourtas’s background includes over 15  years of wireless industry experience, spanning Corporate, Government, and non-profit clients of all sizes.  Mr. Scourtas holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Salem State University, and has earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from University of Phoenix.