Telecom Expense Management

Results-Driven Telecom Expense Management Solutions

telecom expense management
Is your organization struggling to meet the challenges of telecom expense management due to:

  • proliferation of network service types
  • managing multiple supplier relationships
  • dealing with one-sided service agreements
  • account team turnover or
  • a reduction of carrier support staff?

Does your organization lack effective business processes in the telecom expense management area? Do your IT/Telecom/Finance departments still grapple with manual invoice, inventory, and contract management practices that don’t utilize technology?

aboutProfit Enhancement Services’ telecom expense management software and service solutions provide you with: 1. cash savings from contract consolidation and optimization; 2. recoveries from carrier billing errors; and 3. allow you to reallocate staff to key business areas.

Best-in-Class Outsourced Telecom Expense Management Programs

Our partnership with worldwide communications lifecycle management leader, Tangoe, plus Profit Enhancement Services’ twenty plus year history of unparalleled TEM expertise make our service delivery system a potent combination of software and services capabilities from procurement to payment.

We help global organizations manage, understand, and control their fixed communications assets and costs. Our core telecom expense management service scope includes:
1) invoice management;
2) audit and assurance management;
3) inventory management;
4) contract management;
5) report and analysis;
6) international invoice management; and
7) stewardship

Contact Us Today for Customized Mid-Market TEM Solutions

Profit Enhancement Services collaborates with your mid-market enterprise to create a unique solution SOW geared around your telecom expense management goals and internal resource levels. Contact PES today to learn how our telecom expense management software and services will improve your business processes, reduce financial risk, and increase your bottom line.