Hitesh Chawda

Frank Spiridigliozzi

What stands out [about Profit Enhancement]: less bureaucracy….and the fact that [we] get quality service and basics of what competitors offer, but [Profit Enhancement is] small enough to get personal service and have a personal relationship.”

Rick Belsky

“….what’s really important is about using somebody with this expertise, and this is definitely expertise, right? It’s making sure, it’s a sanity check. Are you looking the right way? Do you understand the players? Do you understand what the current services are? Is your contract up? Just to have them analyze and review a contract. Are these the right terms that we should be considering for the next “x” years? Are the terms too long or the too short? All these things that that’s their expertise. That’s all they [Profit Enhancement] do all day long. You’re not going to get a better read on it. “

Kevin Philbrick

“At this point, we would probably need two people, full time, to do what they [Profit Enhancement] do. We’ve developed the relationship over several years and we’ve customized the services to fit our company so well. And things are running like clockwork. [Profit Enhancement] delivers documented results, value and benefit, and contractually guaranteed ROI. They are easy to do business with and provide metrics to see results. We benchmark Profit Enhancement against other outsourced vendors.”

Rick Belsky

“The experience absolutely helps but what I want to emphasize is the recent experience. They [Profit Enhancement] know the current state. It’s not that they’ve been doing something the same way for twenty years. They’ve got real world, real-time, recent negotiation contract insights. Technology insights. That we wouldn’t have. And there’s a huge value there for just reinventing the wheel or learning something for the first time. They’ve already done it.”

Romolo Pallini

“We said we can’t continue to do things manually, we need assistance. …. the investment to install the system ourselves and maintain it was just too big. So, we started to look for a service provider and [after] having the positive experience of the audit, I think [Profit Enhancement] was the natural choice. “

Keita Hemphill

“[Profit Enhancement] has helped consolidate billing, reduce our costs and remove redundant infrastructure and mobility. [They are a] trusted partner that is very effective that year after year saves us money. Their knowledge of the industry has given us the flexibility to keep our workforce to a manageable level and let us concentrate on other items than billing issues and contract renewals.”